• » Writopia Lab at the 2017 NYC Poetry Festival!

    This summer, Writopia is partnering with the Poetry Society of New York to host the 2017 Youth Poetry Festival. Join us on Governors Island for free Teen Poetry Workshops, staged readings, an island-wide scavenger hunt, and more! For teens ages 13+ interested in attending the 1-day (either Saturday or Sunday) poetry workshops, please register here. The all-ages scavenger hunt does not require registration. Find Writopia on the porch of building 15 at the festival.

  • » The Ring of Daisies Open Mic

    The Poetry Society of New York is delighted to welcome back the Ring of Daisies Open Mic to this year’s festival. We believe in packing the festival with as much poetry as possible! If you’re new to the poetry world or just not reading as part of an organization at the festival, bring some poems along and perform inside a giant ring of daisies. Stop by the information table before 2pm each day to sign up.

  • » Brooklyn Beer Garden

    Beer for this event have been lovingly provided to us by Brooklyn Brewery. Sit down for a handcrafted Brooklyn Brew or a spicy Michelada and listen to the wind blowing poetry around the island.

  • » Food Carts

    Enjoy healthy and delicious food and beverage options provided by Everything About Crepes, Miracle Thai, Wings & Things, Peddler Coffee, Hubert’s Lemonade, Bruce Cost Ginger Beer, & more!

  • » The Typewriter Project

    The Typewriter Project is a series of site-specific literary installations which encourage users to go analog. These typewriter installations—wooden booths with a seat, desk, and typewriter inside—allow professional writers and first time typists alike to join in a citywide linguistic exchange. Each booth is outfitted with a 100-foot scroll of paper and a USB typewriter kit, which allows every written entry to be collected, stored, and posted online for users to read, share, and comment upon. The Typewriter Project intends to investigate the subconscious of the city by creating unique spaces designed for contemplation.

  • » The Poetry Brothel

    The poets of The Poetry Brothel rarely come out in the daylight, but the lucky audiences at the New York City Poetry Festival are in for a treat. Meet us behind the Commanding Officer’s House in Nolan Park for a truly unique and intimate experience of poetry.

  • » The 1st Annual Poetry Film Festival at NYCPOFEST

    Having discovered a plethora of beautiful poetry films over the past few years, the creators of The New York City Poetry Festival are introducing the 1st Annual Poetry Film Festival at NYCPOFEST. Poetry films will be screened throughout both days of the event in the Commanding Officer’s House. The festival will feature films by Tess Martin, Neely Goniodsky, Guilherme & Iuri Araujo, Tony Comley, Talia Randall, Suzie Hanna, Kate Sweeney, Diego Maclean, Jonathan Hodgson and Julia Iverson, among others.

  • » A Renga by Rosemont College

    Renga means “linked poem.” To create a poem in this collaborative form, poets take turns composing its alternating three-line and two-line stanzas.

    The activity we have planned for the festival is to create an ongoing renga; each poet who stops by our porch will write either a stanza that has the same structure as a haiku—three lines with a total of seventeen syllables—or a couplet with seven syllables per line. This pattern will continue, alternating like this until the festival ends.

    The theme of our renga is hope (in a time of dwindling hope). The language of this poetic form lends itself to that theme, as it is traditionally pastoral, incorporating words and images drawn from nature. The completed work will be published in the online spring edition of Rathalla Review, the literary magazine of Rosemont College: www.rathallareview.org.

    This activity will be hosted on Porch 6B in Nolan Park.

  • » The Poetry Table

    The Poetry Table seeks to unite poets of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities and linguistic backgrounds around a table of food, wine and friendship. With The Poetry Table, New York poet and founder Rosalind Resnick is creating a 21st Century “poetry salon” that encourages new and established poets to break bread, write poetry and build lifelong bonds of fellowship. The Poetry Table will be taking over porch 5A on Nolan Park during the New York City Poetry Festival!

  • » Children of Grass

    Children of Grass is an ongoing project by B.A. Van Sise, to make conceptual portraits of America’s most notable living poets- its poets laureate, its Pulitzer Prize winners, its best literary artists.  The images are visual riffs on pieces by the poets themselves. The photographs and poems will be displayed in the Commanding Officer’s House during the festival.

  • » Words Write You

    Mining the smallest bits of ephemera, from rabbit-eared book pages to cracks in the asphalt, Aliza Tucker acts as a detective whose primary investigation is to understand herself. Words Write You is an installation featuring a wide range of her word-based findings. These ‘writer blocks’ feature everything from found one-cut poetry and typewriter work, to painted words and photographs. All limited-edition pieces on display were hand-transferred to wood by the artist. Find her works on display in the Commanding Officer’s House at the festival.

  • » The Poetry Society of Los Angeles Porch

    The Poetry Society of Los Angeles is hosting participatory community workshop and performance space on porch 4A in Nolan Park. Poetry Society of Los Angeles founders Elisabeth & Phillip Nails + special guests will lead a series of 30-60 minute sessions that focus on connecting through shared experience, play, and healing. The workshops will incorporate a blend of community-based methods such as Liberating Structures, Theatre of the Oppressed, and the arts-activist work of the UCLA Art & Global Health Center. Many workshops will featuring social-emotional-learning components (SEL.) All workshops are inclusive and participatory—all ages are welcome (except for maybe—Dirty Haikus.) No prior artistic experience necessary.

    10:00AM Good Morning Poems & Sharing
    10:30AM Poetry & Image Theatre: Plantlife/Weather
    11:15AM Urgent Topics: Harvest/Write/Share
    1:00PM Appreciation Poems
    1:45PM SIlly! Silly! Silly! (Poetry & Play)
    2:30PM Self-care for Poets
    3:15PM “If you walked into my heart…” poetry workshop
    3:45PM Community Open Mic (5 min max per person)
    4:15PM Poetry & Improv workshop
    4:45PM Reflection & Closing Ritual

    10:00AM Good Morning Poems & Sharing
    10:30AM Pop-corn Poetry workshop
    11:15AM Odes & Anti-odes workshop
    12:30PM “I Am” poems
    1:00PM Community Open Mic (5 min max per person)
    1:45PM Silly! Silly! Silly! (Poetry & Play)
    2:30PM Poetry & Image Theatre: Earth/Wind/Water/Fire
    3:15PM Phillip T. Nails/Evidence reading
    3:45PM Dirty Haikus (18+)
    4:30PM Reflection & Closing Ritual

  • » Peace Accelerators

    Peace Accelerators is not just a nonprofit; it’s a movement and an evolution toward a new era of humanity. The Peace Accelerators realize it is the first half of the 21st century where the homo sapiens of Earth will finally set aside their differences and realize that violence, fighting, and killing each other will only make things worse. The Peace Accelerators use a three fold initiative/strategy to spread the culture of peace worldwide as efficiently as possible.

    1. Turning the international day of peace (September 21st) into the world’s most celebrated holiday.

    2. Ending Capital Punishment (first domestically, then globally).

    3. Send Food– Not Weapons
    Creating initiatives and campaigns for governments to send state of the art, food agriculture technology to help create sustainable living environments rather than bombs.

    Peace Accelerators will be taking over the deck between buildings 1 and 4 in Nolan Park to rally for peace.

  • » Your Words, Not Mine: a Blackout Poetry Event

    Reading about world news can take our breath away. But we can’t let the turmoil chip away our hearts. Armed with markers and pens, we’ll create blackout poetry from words found in newspapers and news magazines. We’ll darken the page, but never our spirits.

    Born in Brooklyn and now living in Georgia, Erica Gerald Mason is an author, poet, and speaker.  Erica work explores creativity, happiness, love, feminism, pop culture, and current events. Her work appears in several publications and journals, and she was a featured poet in the 2016 and 2017 Sundance Film Festival Indie Lounge. Her book of poetry, I Am A Telescope: Science Love Poems is available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon. Find her blog and poetry at www.ericageraldmason.com.

  • » Between Two Trees

    The visual artist Michael Krasowitz will present a collaborative work called “Between Two Trees”.

    As part of the NY Poetry Festival, Michael will create unique artworks.  He will ask the poets in attendance to collaborate with him, creating their reactions to the piece he spontaneously creates.  The final pieces will be displayed on a clothesline hung between two trees at the reading site.

    Michael encourages poets to come to his space to participate in the creation of these unique works.  He will create a unique Facebook page to showcase the works created throughout the day.

  • » Book Making Workshop
    Claire Durand-Gasselin is a book artist and designer from Paris. She now lives and works in New York, making art everyday. She’s also the Artistic Director and Co-Editor of Mad Gleam Press. At the Poetry Festival, Claire will have a book workshop table where you’ll be able to create your own notebook or sketchbook with Claire’s help, get a kit to make one at home, or buy one from her collection.
  • » The Light of Her New Consciousness

    The performance and installation “The Light of Her New Consciousness” is a continuation of the sound installation and performance “Inside Her Head” by Jana Astanov performed as part of NYC Poetry Festival in July 2016 on Governor’s Island. Similarly to last year, “The Light of Her New Consciousness” consists of a sound installation, site specific sculpture and a performance. The sound installation featuring the head of Medusa metamorphoses into a tribal totem fitted with a sound system so each person wearing it is instantly taken into the world of Medusa listening to the soundtrack – a sound collage – mixing poetry of well known authors with the works of other female artists who answered Jana Astanov’s open call as well as poetry of the art collective Red Temple. The site specific sculpture consists of a small tent-like installation with a crystal ball filled with poetry cut-ups from Emily Dickinson, Wislawa Szymborka, Alice Walker, Carolyn Kizer, Elizabeth Bishop, Marge Piercy, Susan Howe, Sylvia Plath, Anne Waldman, May Swenson, Maria Pawlokowska-Jasnorzewska, Sharon Olds, Anne Sexton, Sappho, Louise Gluck, Erin Belieu, Clare Pollard and more… The public is encouraged to choose randomly 4 lines and also add one of their own to create Star Poetry – 5-armed star-shaped poems that will be added to the installation structure. Through poetry, sound, installation and performance art, this installation seeks to express the need for the feminine world to be acknowledged as an equal part of the human experience.

  • » The Haunted Hawkmoth

    Yes, fairies may dwell here and frogs may chirp, but do not assume they are your friends. Do not assume anything here is real or unreal. Do not assume anything at all. You will encounter songs of your infancy, fairyland guardians, and perhaps even an old imaginary friend, but it is not the world you’ve known. Join Mother Hawkmoth and her Mushroom Muses on porch 10A in Nolan Park for poems, stories, artwork, and spells that will lead you to the unknown. By artist Maggie Lily.

  • » The 99 Cents Dream

    The 99 Cents Dream is a pop-up immersive experience that places poetry (both spoken and written) within the modern-day junk store, speaking to the contemporary American attitudes of nostalgia, materialism, identity, sentimentality, and absurdity. The 99 Cents Dream parallels the modern-day dollar store: useless yet attractive items. A shopping experience merges with a poetic glean, allowing the Experiencer to gather insight into that “junk drawer” of our lives, the one we are forever filling up and afraid to open. Located on porch 11. By artists Nora Nostrand and Christine Ella.

  • » QWERT Poetry

    Poetry upon request by Pierce Logan–your subject, your price. Smith-Corona typewriter, TV dinner table. Also: will teach small children to type if they are cute.

  • » The Empowering Clerks Network

    The Empowering Clerks Network (Center for Supportive Bureaucracy) provides various Playful Paperwork services including Joy Permits, Forgiver’s Licenses, Refurbished Report Cards, Open Carry permits for musical instruments, Apology Declaration, Adults Special Achievement Stickers, Karma Inspection, Compassion Cards, Caregiver of the Year trophy award, OK Parent Award, Racism Release Forms and many more. Please see www.supportivebureaucracy.org for more info.

  • » Archway of Galactic Love

    Ribbons of galactic thought and manifestations for the environment are penned on post it notes that stream through the branches of twin trees forming an arch that frames a larger tree. Visitors are encouraged to contribute to this interactive installation. By artist Ana Deportela.

  • » Public Poem

    A poem installation assembled with words written by the people. Desirée Alvarez, poet and installation artist, solicits and collects words and lines from the public to paint them with images on fabric to create a giant zeitgeisty poem blowing in the wind on Governors Island.