Line Up

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  • Featuring Danniel Schoonebeek, Andrew Seguin, Lonely Christopher, James Browning Kepple, Filip Marinovich

    A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA is Ukraine’s finest children’s book publisher and one of the most esteemed producers of children’s literature in Central and Eastern Europe. The first privately owned children’s publishing house to be established in an independent Ukraine.

    A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA is also one of the few Eastern European publishers to have successfully entered the global market, selling and buying rights to and from countries around the world — from the UK (Тemplar Publishing) and the U.S. (Alfred A. Knopf) to Australia, Russia and South Korea. The demanding creative and production standards applied to our many prize-winning titles have attracted readers worldwide.
    An internationally acclaimed author Paulo Coelho considered our edition of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”, illustrated by the highly lauded graphic artist Vladyslav Yerko, as “perhaps one of the most extraordinary children’s books I have ever seen.”

    A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA’s Ukrainian-language editions of the last three volumes in the Harry Potterseries came out before any other translations in the world in our own distinct covers. Perhaps the nicest compliment we could receive was when author J.K. Rowling chose to display our translated edition of the first volume of her Harry Potter series during a television interview.

    A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA is proud to present here the soon-to-be-published Anthology of the best of the young American poets translated into Ukrainian.

  • Featuring Laura Romeyn, Jeanann Verlee, Keegan Lester, Joseph Fasano
    The Adroit Journal was founded in November 2010 by Peter LaBerge during his sophomore year of high school. At its foundation, the journal has its eyes focused ahead, seeking to showcase what its global student staff sees as the future of poetry, prose, and art. Since inception, the journal has featured the voices of Dorianne Laux, Ned Vizzini, Laura Kasischke, Kirk Nesset, NoViolet Bulawayo, Bruce Bond, Lydia Millet, Diane Glancy, Kyle McCord, and beyond. Work from the publication has recently been recognized in Verse Daily, The Best of the Net Anthology, Plain China: Best Undergraduate Writing Anthology, and The Best American Nonrequired Reading, among others.

  • Featuring Lisa Marie Basile, Marc Vincenz, Caroline Randall Williams

    Ampersand Books is a madcap romp through literature’s unexplored basement, a heroic quest to its highest peaks, a gasoline-and-banana smoothie. Our books are nuns in thongs and dogs playing poker, gallows humour and deathbed confessions, honest country preachers with that con-man’s smirk. Our books are celebrations of the written word, explorations of the written world, concentrating on fiction, poetry, Bloody Fine Chapbooks, and the critically acclaimed online literary magazine The Ampersand Review.

  • Featuring Mya Green, Camonghne Felix, Tommy Pico, Marisa Beltramini

    Apogee is a literary journal specializing in art and literature that engage with issues of identity politics: race, gender, sexuality, class, and hyphenated identities. We currently produce a biannual issue featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. Our goal is to publish exciting work that interrogates the status quo, providing a platform for unheard voices, including emerging writers of color.

  • Featuring Marina Blitshteyn & Levi Rubeck
    Argos Books is an independent literary press, founded in 2010 by three poet-translators. Our aim is to support poetry, hybrid genres, translation, and collaboration, with a special interest in work that crosses cultural and national borders. While publishing innovative work is our primary focus, we are also invested in facilitating critical dialogues among communities, genders, and languages.


  • Featuring Claudia Serea, Loren Kleinman, & Andrei Guruianu 
    At The Inkwell is a New York City-based supporter of published authors through feature articles, book reviews and readings.

  • Featuring Joe Pan and Carey Mchugh
    Augury Books is an independent press that publishes innovative work from emerging and established writers.

  • Featuring Kiki Black, Sue Bradley, Sue Calvert, Robin Locke Monda, Margaret Persans

    We’re Staten Island Sweeties who met in a memoir class and write poems about our island from cicadas to Sandy to the sunrise and sunset rides on the ferry.

  • Featuring Sarah Jean Alexander, Caroline Crew, Sasha Fletcher

    Founded in 2013, Big Lucks Books is a press that publishes books that will make you feel things.

  • Featuring Ilan Ben-Mier, Cooper Wilhelm, Aimee Herman, Devin Kelly, and Brian Birnbaum

    Hosted by Stacey Kahn and Jess Martinez, Big Words Etc. is a monthly reading series that embraces democracy by letting each audience vote for the following month’s theme. Started in 2012 to give under-the-radar and emerging/aspiring writers a platform, we’ve developed into a community that lets everyone – from the professional writer to the lawyer or hair stylist with a poetic bent, to the audience member who’s not into writing but likes participating by voting on the theme – get involved.

  • Featuring Ryann Stevenson, Jay Deshpande, Hilary Vaughn Dobel

    Blunderbuss is a web magazine of arts, culture, and politics that publishes poems, fiction, essays, photography, comics, art, and other bits of aesthetic shrapnel.

  • Featuring Elisabeth Denison, Tafisha Edwards, Arden Levine, Arthur Seefahrt
    Bodega releases digital issues on the first Monday of every month, featuring poetry, prose, and occasional interviews by established and emerging writers. We’re here to give you a handful of essential pieces you can digest in one sitting.

  • Featuring Joan Willette, Michael T. Young, & Amber Atiya

    Boundless Tales Reading Series is one of the longest-running reading series in the borough of Queens. Readings run the second Thursday of every month from 7-8:30pm. Four are featured for the evening. The goal of this series is to provide a venue for writers who are passionate about their writing, and who would like to share their work in a public forum.

  • Featuring Natalie Eilbert, Joshua Mehigan, & Cynthia Cruz
    Brooklyn Poets is a nonprofit literary organization celebrating and cultivating the poets, poetry and literary heritage of Brooklyn, the birthplace of American poetry. Readings are free and open to the public and curated by Founder & Executive Director Jason Koo.

  • Featuring Patricia Carragon, Evie Ivy, Karen Neuberg, Leslie Prosterman, Katrinka Moore

    Brooklyn-based literary series usually 1st Saturdays in Brooklyn Heights. Open Mic usually with 2 featured readers. Publish an annual anthology.

  • Featuring Tonie Sheeley, David Roberts, & an Open Mic, hosted by James Mr. Speaker Sears.

    C. Bravo Productions exists to celebrate the arts of Poetry, Spoken Word and Storytelling in New York City and encourage up-and-coming artists to perform in a venue where they may freely express and share of themselves in an open forum.

  • Featuring Jani Rose, Juan Papo Swiggity Santiago, George Urban Jibaro Torres

    We are a grassroots poetry house founded Brooklyn, NY in 2007. On the 2nd Friday of every month, we serve a packed house at the Capicu Peoples Open Mic in Williamsburg, where poets and performing artists are featured; including Lemon Andersen, Willie Perdomo, La Bruja, Jamaal St. John, Mariposa, Felipe Luciano, Anthony Morales, Vanessa ‘Hebrew Mamita’ Hidary, among hundreds of others. Our workshop series, La Sopa NYC (School of Poetic Arts) launched in the Spring of 2014 at Boricua College; Our board includes: Capicu founders, George ‘Urban Jibaro’ Torres and Juan ‘Papo Swiggity’ Santiago – both recent winners of the Mejor de Nuestra Comunidad Award, for excellence in advocacy of the culture and the arts; La Sopa performance coach, Keith Roach, former host of the Nuyorican’s famed Friday night poetry slam and coach of their first winning slam team; La Sopa co-founder and instructor Jani Rose, Acentos Poetry Foundation fellow and board member. Acentos Executive Director, author, Rich Villar is also a writing instructor with La Sopa. Recent poetry workshops have included a Q&A with author Willie Perdomo, and a residency at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as guests of Lemon Andersen. Created with the intent to hone craft and the development of a sacred writing space for artists to come together, we explore the history, skill and nuances of poetry, as well as train young professionals. We curate poetry events at universities, corporate initiatives, community events and organizations, sharing our passion for culture and storytelling.

  • Featuring John Deming, Melinda Wilson, Jackie Clark, Seth Graves, Dillon Welch, Erin Lynn and TBA
    Coldfront, founded in 2006, reviews poetry books, reports on poetry and music, and publishes visual poetry.

  • Featuring Cynthia Cruz, Abigail Welhouse, Amanda Smeltz, Joanna Furhman, and Danielle Nicole Susi

    Produced by Leah Umansky & DJ Ceremony, and hosted by poet Leah Umansky, COUPLET is a quarterly reading series held on the Lower East Side featuring both emerging and established poets. Every event features music & after-party by DJ Ceremony. No cover.

    #CoupletNYC (Instagram/Twitter)

  • Featuring Sophia Starmack, Joanna Valente, & Denver Butson, hosted by Joseph A. W. Quintela
    Deadly Chaps Press is a New York-based but internationally sprawled community of Artists and Writers dedicated to creating the finest magazines, chapbooks, artist books, and novels through the nurturing of long-term publishing relationships and a supportive forum for daring work.

  • Readings hosted by editors Michael Demyan and Brian VanRemmen featuring contributors from all four issues from around the country

    DenimSkin is the shadow of the city, where America’s underground poets, storytellers and visual artists create in defiance of conventional form and content. Free from the need to satisfy the editorial demands of “establishment” media outlets that cater to an audience of conventional tastes.

    DenimSkin refuses artistic boundaries.

    DenimSkin pursues a provocative, visceral style unrestricted by form, content, or meaning. Question everything. Begin anywhere.

    DenimSkin is planting the bombdeath of bourgeois art in the back pocket of the city.

  • Featuring Alicia Ostriker, Mihaela Moscaliuc, Michael Waters, Sean Nevin, Tamara Zbrizher, Roberto Garcia

    The Drew University Master of Fine Arts in Poetry Program is a two-year, low-residency program for poets and poet translators. Students hone and develop their talent, as well as gain knowledge of the craft and poetics of contemporary American writers, and writers from other eras and cultures. The program offers some of America’s most talented poets as faculty mentors who work one-on-one with our students.

  • Featuring Ali Power, Iris Cushing, Laura Hendrickson

    Electric Pumas is about being a microphone or even a megaphone for women creating boundary-breaking work.

  • Featuring Annie Finch, Ron Kolm, Larissa Shmailo, Marc Vincenz
    Founded in 1993,The Feminist Poets in Low-Cut Blouses are a loose (sic) organization of men, women, and others who bring their wit and wisdom to the poetic arts in their hometown of NYC. Together and individually, the Feminist Poets have performed on behalf of Girls Write Now, the Bread and Life Soup Kitchen, 100,000 Poets for Change, The New York City Poetry Calendar, Share Our Strength/American Express, Poets in Need, and just for the hell of having a good literary time.

  • Featuring Peter Marra, Sweta Vikram, Catherine Fletcher, Suanne Kim, & Lynn Oestreicher

    While we have a commitment to highlighting writers from Queens, our featured readers have come to us from other boroughs, other states, and even other countries. Our open mic is one of the most hospitable around. Almost every month, there is someone who gets up to read her or his work for the first time, and we have regulars who come to read not their own work, but the work of others who are important to them, like the woman who has, for the past three years, been keeping her mother’s memory alive by reading her poetry for us. So if you have poetry you’d like to share, or if you just want to have some poetry in your life, please join us. We’re at the Terraza Cafe from 7-9 PM (sign up for the open mic starts at 6:45).

  • Featuring Cynthia Cruz, Daniel Wolff, & Laura Swearingen-Steadwell

    In 1993, four writers—Jane Brox, Helen Fremont, Dzvinia Orlowsky, and Martha Rhodes—laid the groundwork for a small publishing enterprise that would become a highly respected literary press. Four Way Books published its first list of three poetry books in 1995, and currently publish fourteen to fifteen aesthetically diverse titles annually of poetry and short fiction. In the twenty plus years of operation, Four Way Books has not veered from its mission. We are comprised of five primary programs: a literary press, a sponsored residency, Pay a Book Forward, a prize program, and an electronic literary journal, Four Way Review.

  • Featuring Justin Woo,  Michael Kovacs, Carol Brown, Rebecca Tarlazzi, Mark Empire, & Christine Kossol
    The Fractal Ensemble are pioneering a new sound that combines spoken word, alternative rock, punk, and ambient music – they call it wordcore. Guitar, drums, bass, cello, keys, and poems grow together and fall apart beautifully.

  • Featuring Silvia Siller, Linda Morales Caballero, & Maureen H Altman

    Latin American female group of poets whose mission is to promote and diffuse contemporary latin poetry culture in New York as a dignifying tool for women. We want to open space for poetry that is heard live and not digitalized or recorded. We love bohemian gatherings with music and poetry ” Tertulias.”

  • Featuring Jon Sands, Aimee Herman, Corrina Bain, Joe Roarty
    Every Sunday from 4-6pm Great Weather for MEDIA presents Spoken Word Sundays at the fabulous Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston Street @Attorney, NYC. The event includes a feature program plus an open mic where members of the spoken word community share their work. Great stage, great sound, and amazing talent. What’s not to love?

  • Featuring Thomas Fucaloro, Sarah Pinson, John Casquarelli, Adrian Elias, Ron Blum, Terese Svoboda, Alex Rush

    An eclectic event of performance and poetry showcasing a diverse range of poets from various communities. Curated by Gabriel Don.

  • Featuring Esther Mathieu, Matthew Frazier, Ron Carroll, and Lucas Hunt

    Hunt & Light hand publishes beautiful volumes of original poetry.

  • Featuring Joanna Fuhrman, Roberto Montes, & Brooke Ellsworth

    Founded in 2011 and curated by Liz Axelrod, Jujo features new, up-and-coming, and renown poets. Jujo began as an informal New School MFA Tea House reading at the now defunct Jujomuckti Lounge on East 4th Street. The lounge was closed due to Hurricane Sandy damage in 2013. But storms are creation’s blood and they will never keep the poet down. We continue the reading series in memory of Julie Johnson’s generosity, and as a salute to the art and beauty always present in that wonderful East Village cafe.

  • Featuring Margo Taft Stever, Ann Cefola, Susana H. Case, Sammy Greenspan

    KATTYWOMPUS PRESS is an independent literary small press located in Somerville, MA. Since inception in 2010 we have published over 85 books, chapbooks, artist’s books, and literary music projects including poetry, prose poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and genre-defying works. Our backlist includes Nin Andrews, Cornelius Eady, Christopher Shipman, Chad Prevost, Jesse Milner, Karren LaLonde Alenier, Zack Rogow, Susana Case, Ann Cefola, Randall Horton, Tony Morris, Eric Anderson, Robert Miltner, Kelly Fordon, Adam Tavel, Andrei Guruianu, Mary Weems, Leah Umansky, Susan Terris, Kathleen McGookey, and Martin Willitts, to name a few. Spring 2015 releases: the second in Cornelius Eady’s chapbook-CD series, Singing While Black; full length books from poet Zack Rogow (Talking With the Radio), and poet-playwright Christopher Shipman (Cat Poems: Wompus Tales and a Play of Despair); and chapbooks from Margo Stever (The Lunatic Ball), Karen Schubert (Black Sand Beach), Noel Sloboda (Risk Management Studies), Joan Colby (Ah Clio), Judith Terzi (If You Spot Your Brother Floating By), Steven D. Stark (Physician’s Desk Reference, Annotated), Ronnie Hess (A Woman in Vegetable), Robin Messing (Holding Not Having), Barry George (The One That Flies Back), and Patricia Percival (Bargain With the Speed of Light). We seek submissions from writers of diverse culture, race, gender, creed, and orientation. Find our books, announcements, and publisher Sammy Greenspan’s blog online at

  • Featuring Thomas Fulcoloro, Speak like a girl, Corina Bain, and Meghann Plunkett

    Some of New York’s top improvisers collaboration with the city’s best poets to create a completely unique show every single week.

    Part theater, part poetry feature, and totally unpredictable, the improvisers build entire worlds around each poem, inhabiting them with a cast of characters that are wildly funny, heart-breakingly tragic, and everything in between.

  • Featuring Liz Clark Wessel, Joey De Jesus, Jay Deshpande, Kiely Sweatt
    la perruque is a multimedia interdisciplinary performance/reading series in Brooklyn, NY. It takes its name from Michel de Certeau’s The Practice of Everyday Life and literally translates as ‘the wig’ but I like to think of it as the simple pleasure of writing a poem while on the job.

  • Featuring Lauren Hunter, Halie Theoharides & Chris Cheney

    Epicurus believed that what he called “pleasure” is the greatest good, but the way to attain such pleasure is to live modestly and to gain knowledge of the workings of the world and the limits of one’s desires. In resistance, she supposes, Amy Lawless has chosen to not limit her desires–not by a long shot–by asking the most fantastic poets in the United States to read for her and for you. These poets were chosen for their high quality work, reading success, their heavenward middle finger to the scholarly notion of the “line break,” and how awesome they will be as they read for her (oh, and I guess for you too…) in a festival-specific atmosphere in order to bring her pleasure and perhaps some knowledge. This is a selfish endeavor! This is a one-time event. Don’t miss it.


  • Featuring James Ellerbe, Elijah Brown, Uninvited, Jamal Hinnant, Samuel Henry

    Let It Flow Publishing is not just a book printing company that will print your manuscript. It’s a self-publishing company that is dedicated to first time writers from every genre. We understand the challenges writers can face when it comes to publishing their work such as: editing, quality of product, design, content, marketing ideas and money. We are committed to getting all of your publishing needs met through concept, editing, layout, design and print. We treat every project like it’s our own. Our focus is making sure that the quality of your book is at its maximum potential.

    We strongly believe that we all have stories to tell, but who will tell your story if you don’t? Even though we’re publishing your book, you still have creative control. In other words, you own it! We are completely honest with our clients to make sure that your product is going into the right direction and that it is profitable and marketable. The best part of the Let It Flow Publishing process is that we are ready to encourage you.

    We have been around since 2009 and have published mainly poetry books but it doesn’t stop us from publishing any other genre of writing. We’re experienced in publishing novels, children books, historical non-fiction and of course poetry.

  • Featuring Natalie Eilbert, David Tomas Martinez, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Marosa di Giorgio via Lisa Marie Basile, & Edna. St Vincent Millay via Joanna Valente
    Luna Luna is a darkling diary of art, culture, sexuality and feminism.

  • Featuring Todd Colby, Jess Smith and Seth Graves

    The Mackinac is an online poetry magazine seeking original work where the stakes are always high.

    Publishing quarterly, The Mackinac strives to make a lasting impression as it bridges the strait between nostalgia and the immediate, the wilds seen and unseen, the best of emerging and established voices.


  • Featuring Susana H. Case, Eleanor Lerman, Toni Mergentime Levi, Lorraine Schein

    Mayapple Press is a highly-selective small press established in 1978 by poet and editor Judith Kerman. The press focus on literature not often celebrated by either the mainstream or the avant-garde. This includes poetry which is both challenging and accessible; women’s writing; the rustbelt/rural culture that stretches from the Hudson Valley to the Great Lakes; the recent immigrant experience; poetry in translation; science fiction poetry.

  • Featuring Raymond Nat Turner, Makkada Selah, Malik Canty, Zigi Lowenberg, Carmen Bardeguez-Brown, Mireya Perez, Connie Gemson, & Jo Anne Meekings

    The National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981, is the nation’s leading labor union for freelance writers. The NWU advocates for writers’ rights and fights to improve the income, contracts and working conditions for all freelance writers, including journalists, book authors, business and technical writers, essayists, poets, playwrights, script writers, writers for the web and campus writers.

  • Featuring Matthew Hupert, Linda Fung, Jess Cording, Fred Simpson, Robert Gibbons, Bambi Levine
    We are a long running workshop in New York City, open to all. We promote a aesthetic of tight elegance, and a love of the music of the word.

  • Featuring The Winners of the 2015 NYC HS Poetry Competition

    The New York Browning Society was founded in 1907 to study the poetry, life, and times of Robert Browning (1812-1889), and of his wife, Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1851).

    Our programs reflect the extraordinary diversity of their interests and restless intellects and also encompass most of Victorian literature and culture, for the Brownings knew practically everyone in that extraordinary era. The Society also founded The Browning Institute, which saved the poets’ Florentine home, Casa Guidi, from commercial development.

    We welcome visitors to our meetings at the National Arts Club, which are held at 1:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of October through May.

  • Featuring Valerie G. Keane, Crystal Rivera, Esther Lin

    Newtown Literary is a semi-annual literary journal published in electronic and paper formats. We look for fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, and poetry that go beyond entertainment and storytelling. We are dedicated to writers from and writing about Queens, NY and allocate half the journal to these writers and their work. But this is not our exclusive focus, as we recognize that Queens is just as much a state of mind as it is a geographic boundary. The diversity of Queens is our inspiration and we hope to fill the journal with diverse stories, experiences, and voices.

    Newtown, the journal’s namesake, was one of the original towns incorporated into the New York City borough of Queens in 1898.

  • Featuring Jeffery Berg, Jen Levitt, Caitie Moore, Leila Ortiz

    Founded in 2007, No, Dear is a Brooklyn-based journal that publishes emerging and established NYC poets in print, hand-bound journals every fall and spring. Since 2012 the press has collaborated with Small Anchor to host an annual first chapbook contest and has published three chapbooks with two more on the way in summer and fall 2015. No, Dear is edited by Emily Brandt and Alex Cuff.

  • Featuring Jeremiah Walton / Neeko Ford / Sarah Xerta / August Smith / Bob Schofield
    Nostrovia! Poetry is a Tucson based publishing house, & father of Books & Shovels, a traveling pop-up bookstore that debuted at the 2014 NYC Poetry Festival. Nostrovia! pushes Passionate Living > Making a Living.

  • Featuring Kimiko Hahn, Rosebud Ben-Oni, John Reid Currie, & Leila Ortiz

    This is not like other series. We are multi-genre, multi-cultural, multi-purpose.

    Oh, Bernice was started by the writing collective of the same name, to give work life after workshop. We are committed to sharing the work we develop in conversation reflective of the diversity of the place we live in. Each month is curated by a different Bernician, and features at least one reader from Oh, Bernice. We then bring in friends, heroes, strangers with talent, etc. to read alongside us, to give our work new context and to give ourselves new challenges to rise to. In this way, everything you’ll see and hear is new. This is innovation. You’ll see the same faces but never get the same reading twice. We’ve had the privilege of reading with Guggenheim Fellows and True Crime writers, Obie Award nominees and former ACT UP activists, Grammy Award Winners and the Queens Poet Laureate. And we’ve become better for it.

  • Featuring Sparrow, Anton Yakovlev, and Joseph Cuillier

  • Featuring Billy Cancel, Melissa Christine Goodrum, Paul Vargas, Travis MacDonald, Susan Lewis

    Other Rooms press, founded in 2007 by Ed Go and Michael Whalen, is dedicated to providing audiences the best in linguistically innovative, risk-taking, playful poetry – “when the spirit of play dies, there is only murder” (Alexander Trocchi). We publish an online magazine, anthologies and chapbooks and host readings at various locations around Brooklyn.

  • Featuring Gabriel Don, Claudia Mercurio, Heeyen Park, Jason Schneiderman, Micah Zevin

    Pen Pal Poets is a New York City based group of diverse poets, artists and musicians.

  • Featuring Camille Rankine, Brandon Kreitler, Darrel Holnes, K.T. Billey

    We are an online poetry journal and chapbook press based in Chicago, DC, and New York.

  • Featuring Keegan Lester as Earnest Pettiway, Lucia Stacey as Penelope Strangelight, Chelsea Fonden as Obsidienne, Alan Keegan as Cal the Alchemist, Samantha Escobar as Llewelyn Louise, Chris Campanioni as Dr. Pepper, Ian Anderson as Von Hohenheim, Philip Schaffer as Santito, Meg Alyssa Matich as Yngvildr, & Rachel Lake as Victoria Copperfield

    The Poetry Brothel, a unique and immersive poetry experience, takes poetry outside classrooms and lecture halls and locates it in the lush interiors of a figurative bordello.  Based in concept on the fin-de-siècle bordellos in New Orleans and Paris, many of which functioned as safe havens for fledgling, avant-garde artists, The Poetry Brothel presents poets as “whores,” each operating within a carefully constructed character, who impart their work in public readings, spontaneous eruptions of poetry, and most distinctly, as purveyors of private poetry readings on couches, chaise lounges, and in private rooms.  Poets performing at the Brothel are male and female, emerging and established, local and international, and they engage audiences in an immersive experience that flows seamlessly through the Brothel’s public spaces into its private poetry readings. Central to this experience is the creation of character, which for poet and audience function as disguise and as freeing device, enabling The Poetry Brothel to be a place of uninhibited creative expression in which the poets and audience can be themselves in private.

    The poets of The Poetry Brothel The Poetry Brothel rarely come out in the daylight, so for the lucky audiences at the New York City Poetry Festival, they have made a midnight manor of building 408 on Governors Island’s Colonel’s Row. For a tiny fee, you can sit down with a poet and enjoy a private, one-on-one poetry reading inside a dark and mysterious, candlelit room.


  • Featuring Morgan Parker, Adam Fitzgerald, Danniel Schoonebeek, Wendy Xu
    The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, founded in 1966, is dedicated to fostering and promoting the reading and writing of challenging, exciting contemporary poetry and creating audiences for writers.

  • Featuring Nick Flynn, Patricia Spears Jones, David Matlin

    The Poetry Society of New York is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting poetry within our culture. More specifically, PSNY focuses on finding innovative ways of delivering poetry to the public and on strategic community building within the poetry world. PSNY’s mission is simple: to never bore you. PSNY’s activities heavily emphasize event production and interactive installations with additional activities in the fields of publishing and digital media. Its three primary projects are The Poetry Brothel, The Typewriter Project, and The New York City Poetry Festival.

  • Featuring Megan DiBello, Daniel Dissinger, Aimee Herman, Colin Clough
    Poetry Teachers NYC prides itself on standing for Employment of Poets, while providing an Affordable Education. We will present ‘Poets,’ in the broader sense of the word (art, music, and writing) to sustain a model of teaching that will give students a tiered program for success.

  • Featuring Keith Ash, Harvey Pacht, Lenin Dominguez, Lexy Hennessy, Shane Nickens, Alicia Adams, Catherine James
    Formed in 2011, Poets of Corsi is a writing group based at a senior center in Harlem. The group is made up of seniors and people with developmental disabilities. We are driven by an overwhelming desire to create, challenge, communicate and collude in the dismantling of all outdated notions of ‘ability’. We meet weekly at the Dempsey Center in West Harlem and have read in the last year at the New York Poetry Society’s annual festival on Governor’s Island, the 42nd Annual Spring Poetry Festival at City College and at small, independent bookstores and community centers.



  • Featuring Claudia Cortese, Timothy Liu, Lisa Hiton & Rachel Mennies

    Like most good things, this anthology started with an idea that was just too tempting to pass up. As two teenagers still relatively new at playing this poetry game, we craved nothing more than the stories of some of our favorite poets. We want the whole story: where did it start, and how many times has it ended? How did you grow up? Did you grow up with writing? How was high school, or college, or graduate school, or none of those things? What keeps you writing, what kept you writing, and what will keep you writing? How do you be a writer? How do you be? How don’t you be? How did you maintain positivity, and patience, and confidence, and suspension of doubt? Did you?

    That is where this anthology begs to exist. At its outset, this anthology will contain a set number of stories—each of which from a poet whose work we love, and each a maximum of perhaps 800 words in length (we aren’t looking to publish your autobiographical novella, although you might send that along for our own personal enjoyment!). The anthology will also feature small poetry collections—a poetic discussion of growth, maturity, youth, adolescence, coming of age, intersection, and life.

  • Featuring Dominika Wrozynski, Carlie Hoffman, Melinda Wilson

    Poor Mouth Poetry Writer’s Open Mic is a monthly series out of An Beal Bocht Cafe in Riverdale, Bronx. Each month a featured reader presents, following an open mic session for writers of all genres. Erin Lynn has been running the series since 2009.

  • Featuring Christine Stoddard, Deniz Ataman, Ghia Vitale, Kristen Rebelo, Jeanne Joe Perronne, Jessica Reidy

    Quail Bell Magazine is a place for real and unreal stories. Our readers are curious, creative, and compassionate fairy punks who are citizens of the world. All members of The Quail Bell Crew respect and embrace all cultures, excluding only the sexist, racist, homophobic, and otherwise unkind and uncompromising. It is because of this open-mindedness and positivity that Quail Bell Magazine is fortunate enough to publish content by contributors from across the globe. Quail Bell Magazine encourages original thought, open dialogue and community-building through content that explores the relationship between The Real and The Unreal. We value the arts, history, folklore, and other oddities often not mentioned in mainstream magazines. As a woman-run publication, we strive to publish only the highest-quality content that not only challenges readers, but lets them have a little fun and maybe enjoy a little cuteness, too. We are not attempting to produce a magazine that is purely literary or purely journalistic, but, rather, somewhere in between for results that are inspiring and informative. In all that we write, draw, photograph, and otherwise make, The Quail Bell Crew will honor this editorial mission statement.

  • Featuring Professor Nancy Mercado, Edwin Torres, Paul Skiff, and Ahda Hann, co-hosted by RA “R!” Araya & Joi Sanchez
    RA “R!” Araya & company deliver some spoken word.

  • Featuring Claudia Serea, Zorida Mohammed, John Barrale, Mark Fogarty, Anton Yakovlev, Wayne L. Miller

    The Red Wheelbarrow Poets have a weekly poetry workshop and hold two readings every month: one at the Williams Center and another one at Gainville Café in Rutherford, NJ.

  • Featuring Gracie Leavitt, Natalie Eilbert, Christina Drill, Vanessa Jimenez-Gabb
    the sensation feelings journal publishes poetry and art twice a year, and audio all the time whenever. submit to:

    curated by connie mae oliver.

  • Featuring Matthew Hittinger, Stephen Mills, Robert Siek, Jane Summer

    Sibling Rivalry Press is an independent press based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Its mission is to publish works that disturb and enrapture.

  • Featuring Sean Nevin, Richard Parisio, Jennifer Franklin, Margo Taft Stever

    The primary mission of Slapering Hol Press is to advance the national and international conversation about poetry and poetics principally by publishing and supporting the work of emerging poets. Since 1990, Slapering Hol Press (SHP) has published finely crafted poetry anthologies and chapbooks by promising new poets whose work has not yet appeared in book form and has fostered collaborations between new and established authors. Current series co-editors are Peggy Ellsberg, Jennifer Franklin, and SHP founder Margo Taft Stever.
    Slapering Hol Press launched its first publication, the anthology, Voices from the River (1990), which featured established poets and soon-to-become luminaries such as Hayden Carruth, Jean Valentine, Dana Gioia, Stephen Dunn, and Billy Collins. Since 1991, SHP has conducted a yearly and anonymously judged national competition for the publication of a chapbook by an emerging poet who has not previously published a book or chapbook (Find guidelines:
    In 2005, the Slapering Hol Press Advisory Committee created a literary series with the mission of providing an audience for emerging poets. Two annual highlights of the series are the War and Peace Reading and the Poetry MFA Spotlight.
    Recent publications include the 2014 inaugural box set of seven new generation African poets (2014) in a collaboration with Prairie Schooner and the Poetry Foundation; The Owl Invites Your Silence, by Richard Parisio, winner of the 2014 Slapering Hol Press Poetry Chapbook Competition; and A Turn Around the Mansion Grounds: Poems in Conversation and a Conversation (2014), by Molly Peacock and Amy Clark.

  • Featuring Keisha Gaye-Anderson, Charlene McClure, Nichelle Johnson, and Freida Grace Jones

    A reading series for established and emerging poets who write in the narrative tradition of storytelling.

  • Featuring Rachel Therres, Tiffany Woodley, Bruce Cain
    Suffern poetry has been hosting Open Mic, Writing Workshops and Poetry Slams in Rockland County since 2011. This year will mark their third participating as competitors at the National Poetry Slam. They believe in the power of poetry and community.

  • Featuring Josh Medsker, William Lessard, Don O’ Keefe, Robert Moulthrop

    TWENTY-FOUR HOURS is a group of writers, visual artists, and musicians that share some common ground: aesthetically, politically, artistically or otherwise. Since 2001 we have published the literary magazine Twenty-Four Hours (TFH). Through our art, we seek to break through the fog of everyday life, to something else.

    Twenty-Four Hours’s participation at the festival will be a joint effort, in collaboration with the activist group 100,000 Poets For Change. We will be reading political poems in solidarity with their July Reading in Rome.

  • Featuring James Browning Kepple, Howie Good, Bob McNeil, Mebane Robertson, Saira Viola, Herb Guggenheim, Matthew Moseman, Jeremiah Walton
    Underground Books has been making street books since 1997. Trapped in the Subconsicous somewhere downstairs, the printers ink still runs. We aim to aim it. Based in New York City, Houston, Virginia, and Gothenburg, we aim to please,poetry,please,poetry,please,poetry please we say, Publishing Artists on the Fringe, Check out all of our new original poetry manuscripts at and join the subterranean poetry scene of your mind 2013.

  • Featuring Union Square Slammers, including Cecily Schuler, Kait Burrier, Thomas Fucaloro, & Sara Emily Kunz

    Union Square Slam is NYC’s newest reading series and slam. We welcome writers and listeners across the arts community to join us at our open mic, a free poetry workshop, and special events including weekly featured readers. Union Square Slam hosts local and national artists every Monday night at Bar 13, with past readers including Buddy Wakefield, Hanif Abdurraqib, Lisa Marie Basile, Roya Marsh, and Jon Sands.

  • Featuring Rosebud Ben-Oni, Hafizah Geter, Trace Peterson, 
    VIDA seeks to explore critical and cultural perceptions of writing by women through meaningful conversation and the exchange of ideas among existing and emerging literary communities.

  • Featuring Bill Kushner, Tom Savage, Bob Holman, Yuko Otomo

    WHITE RABBIT is an ongoing zine that has been publishing for seven years. Every issue has a specific theme. All writers are included by invitation.
    Some of the writers we have featured are: David Lehman, Colette Inez, Judith Malina, Bill Kushner, Sapphire and many others.

  • Featuring Lisa Badner, Sherine Gilmour, & Rachael Nevins
    Founded in 1987 by Philip Schultz, The Writers Studio welcomes beginning and experienced fiction writers and poets to ongoing writing workshops designed to help them discover and nurture their own voices. Hailed by The New York Times as “the most personal of the programs,” The Writers Studio is founded on the belief that when the desire to write is strong enough, anyone can learn the craft necessary for full creative expression. For the past 26 years The Writers Studio has developed a unique approach to teaching writing by encouraging students “to try on voices” and attempt a variety of different narrative techniques as a way of discovering their own material and personal voices.

  • Featuring Lisa Marie Basile, Amanda Killian, Matthew Daddona, Anthony Cappo, Abigail Welhouse, Joseph Quintela, Keegan Lester, Gregory Crosby, Liz Axelrod, Brendan Lorber, & Jillian Brall

    Yes Poetry is an online publication in its fifth year of curation. We publish quarterly issues, as well as feature a poet per month. Many of our featured poets tend to live in New York City and our work focuses on the bizarre, but we also break our own rules all of the time.

    Besides producing an online magazine, we publish broadsides as well, which we would be selling at the event.

  • Featuring Jay Deshpande, Emily O’Neill, Meghan Privitello

    YYB is an independent press specializing in poetry.