The New York City
Event Date
July 25th & 26th
11 AM - 6 PM
News from the New York City Poetry Festival

You're invited! Join a guest list of 6,000+ people and growing on our #nycpofest Facebook event page.…

OUR GOAL HAS BEEN REACHED! Thank you SO much to everyone who helped make this possible. We ❤️ you. #nycpofest

50 hours. $400. We can do this - we're so close!

Sponsored by @WritopiaLab, The Children's Poetry Festival welcomes poets ages 2-13 to read their original work to us. #nycpofest #youngpoets

@CSLJewelry Absoutely. "A Sense of Place" would be a good one to hear, too.

We've got 3 days to raise less than $2600. Give us a hand, poets & poetry lovers! We're so so thankful for you.

@CSLJewelry @bcollinspoetry Oh, great choice! We'd be stoked to hear him read, too. What are your top three favorite poems by him?

Have you heard of Christine Stoddard's Word Graveyard? For a sneak peak at this & other #nycpofest extras, visit

250 poets. 75 organizations. 5 boroughs. 3 stages. 2 days. ONE CITY. #NYCPOFEST #NYC #POETRY #FESTIVAL

@SuzanneAngwin1 Thanks for following us too, Suzanne. Happy writing!

We want to hear your feedback, friends. What food trucks would you love to see at the #nycpofest? (Medieval porpoise BBQ, likely a no-go.)

Typical festival food in Medieval times: roast dolphin, oxen, muttons, & stews. Huh. Our selections might be a little different. #nycpofest

The straight-trunked London plane-trees on @Gov_Island. Relax in their shade with us at the #nycpofest.

Twitter Media

Festival-goers: which celebrities would make fantastic headliners for the #nycpofest? Ahem. @S_C_, @LeonardCohen74, we're looking at you.

@awdunford Nice! We'll see you there 👌🎉🎉

11 AM

The festival opens at 11am and closes at 6pm on July 25th and 26th, 2015. Plan to arrive at the ferry landing at least 30 minutes prior to your desired arrival time. For a complete timetable of events, please check out the festival lineup!

Governors Island

Governors Island, a 172 acre island in the heart of New York Harbor, is only 800 yards from Lower Manhattan, and even closer to Brooklyn. It is a world unto itself, unique and full of promise.

250 poets. 5 boroughs. 2 days. ONE CITY.