• Alodiecloud makes unique prints, stickers, clothing, jewelry, and canvases. Our featured work and merchandise is beautiful, soulful, intimate, and at times wearable, art. We are the spark when oil meets acrylic, pen meets paper. We are two sides of the peaceful and serene; a combination of two artist’s styles that explore complementary mediums. The first side, a Mandalist, whose in-depth designs will leave you contemplative and astounded at its intricacies. The other side, an oil painter, pulls you into vibrant colors and tranquil scenes. The intriguing yin and yang of Alodiecloud has something for everyone.

  • Antrim House strives to publish the best poetry by writers from all parts of the country, with a special emphasis on emerging poets. We prefer work that does not cater to the academic establishment but is part of the continuum of work produced by writers the likes of Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Richard Wilbur, Mary Oliver, Mark Doty, Jane Kenyon, and Galway Kinnell. We also stress the importance of oral presentation, encouraging our authors to perform their work as widely as possible. We hope to cultivate wider appreciation of a vibrant literary form that too often goes unnoticed in the midst of pop culture’s noise-making. While we have no bias toward formal or informal, traditional or innovative work, we do insist that Antrim House writing be both comprehensible and resonant, rewarding multiple readings by revealing itself gradually but also avoiding the sort of inscrutability too much in vogue. When the poetry we publish has a political slant, we like it to abide by Emily Dickinson’s dictum: “Tell all the Truth but tell It slant.” That is, we favor the work of a writer like Martín Espada, whose political poetry is imagistic rather than abstract. If we publish poetry that might be termed “confessional,” we insist that it be universal and not purely personal. Finally, we believe that high seriousness and high humor can cohabit. We side with Shakespeare against Racine.

    At Antrim House, we know that when poetry speaks simply and plainly, while at the same time retaining a sense of mystery and offering multiple levels of meaning, it can be as popular an art form in this country as it already is in others.

  • is the art and publishing studio by luke kurtis. We publish artist’s books and exhibition catalogs, organize exhibitions and performances, and more. We perform creative experiments and transform them into bold works of art.

  • The Belladonna* Series is a non-profit feminist poetry press and reading series based in Brooklyn. Since 1999, Belladonna* has worked to bring experimental writing to the public in multiple forms, languages, and critical fields. With assistance from the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York Community Trust, the Jerome Foundation, and the Leslie Scalapino / O Books Fund, Belladonna* has featured over 175 writers of diverse age and origin, including Mei-mei- Berssenbrugge, Alice Notley, Etel Adnan, Cecilia Vicuna, and many more.

  • Mission

    To equip communities with the knowledge and support to improve the health and well-being of women and children.


    To reduce morbidity and mortality for women and children in low income communities.

    What We Do


    We design and implement tools for communal needs assessment to ensure effective program development.


    We develop, organize, and educate with awareness campaigns specific to the intended population to promote effective communication and understanding of improved health care practices.


    We provide the education, counseling, and the resources to promote and implement primary prevention thereby promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors
    We provide resources and access to health care with the aim of early detection and prompt treatment of disease
    We provide resources and collaborate with others to ensure the restoration of individuals to optimal functioning after the occurrence of an illness or disability

    We provide appropriate training and resources to health care workers in the community, to build the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to provide competent, effective, and sustainable health care.


    We are dedicated to providing easy access to health care facilities and services for communities where we work through the collaboration with governments and other organizations that share a common interest.


    We ensure effective monitoring and evaluation methods. We design and develop project monitoring and evaluation plans, conduct assessments, design and conduct evaluation to ensure our goals are attained and sustained.

  • a small press with big imagination

  • Small Publishing house focused on helping new writers fulfill their publishing dreams. Mostly works as a cultural link for the hispanic community literature followers.

  • Brooklyn is where it all began in 2009, when we opened our doors in the old Daily News Garage. To us, Brooklyn is more than just a city; it’s a state of mind. It’s about the creative clash of cultures that creates a diverse community, filled with passion and the drive to make things happen.

    We’re bringing Brooklyn to every city we go to – with facilities in New York, Chicago and Boston – spreading the #bkblove and that sense of community to other urban areas through climbing, fitness, art and events. At Brooklyn Boulders (BKB) you’ll find unconventional experiences that engage imagination, passion and physical potential. Come get inspired.

  • Brooklyn Poets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization celebrating and cultivating the poets, poetry and literary heritage of Brooklyn, the birthplace of American poetry.

    That’s right, birthplace. If you believe, as we do, that with the publication of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass in 1855, American poetry was born, then Brooklyn, where that book was published by the Rome Brothers print shop on Old Fulton St, is where that took place.

    Over the years, Brooklyn has served as home to and inspired some of the most original and influential poets on the world stage, from Whitman, Hart Crane and Marianne Moore in the American tradition to expatriate masters such as W. H. Auden and Joseph Brodsky; visiting visionaries such as Vladimir Mayakovsky and Federico García Lorca; and hip-hop pioneers such as Big Daddy Kane, MCA, Guru, Biggie Smalls, GZA, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Jay Z.

    From Walt Whitman to Jay Z, Brooklyn, we go hard.

  • New out of Brooklyn, Bruce Cost Ginger Beer is spicy, unfiltered and made with only 100% fresh ginger. Pressed multiple times, its kick comes only from the fresh ginger used. No ginger extracts or oils are added to the marking of this premium mixer. Left unfiltered, ginger sediments are left floating in every can. Its sleek, slender packaging fits readily into any mixer setting. With only four simple ingredients, use this deceptively simple mixer to craft hot and sophisticated cocktails.

  • Chris James is a national award winning poet, TED Talk speaker, author and playwright from Little Rock, Arkansas. He is the founder of The House of Art. Chris is the writer of the stage plays “Dear Black People”, “The Odds Against U.S.” and Confessions of A Sinner. He is a member of Alternate Roots. In 2014, he was a member of Foreign Tongues poetry troupe ranked 2nd Place in Southern Fried, the world’s second largest poetry slam.

  • The Evolution of Tantalizing Organic Bath & Body products, aged old recipes with a modern day twist. Handmade with LOVE in Brooklyn.

  • Everything About Crêpes is a family-owned and operated mobile crêperie and catering company specializing in various crêpe services. We’ve been in business since 2008 yet the family history in crêpe making goes back much further. With our European background we know exactly how important it is to produce the right tasting crêpe and of course the right ambiance at any event!  With that said, all our crêpes are made soft yet crispy, golden brown and full of flavor and deliciousness!

  • fitzpatrick entertainment is a ny-metro area (long island) based entertainment company that was started by dennis fitzpatrick in 1997.  for the past 19 years dennis has been dj-ing, emcee-ing, and now running photobooths at private events.  dennis works with the best in the industry to ensure every detail of your event is not only planned but executed the way it was planned with you.

  • Get Fresh Books LLC is a cooperative publishing press dedicated to publishing poetry in new and innovative ways. We do not operate within the contest system, and are working to evolve outdated publishing models.

  • Featuring Corrina Bain, Vicki Iorio, Ptr Kozlowski, Nkosi Nkululeko, Taylor Steele, and Olivia Wu

    great weather for MEDIA focuses on the unpredictable, the fearless, the bright, the dark, and the innovative. We are based in New York City and showcase both national and international writers. As well as publishing the highest quality poetry and prose in solo collections and in our yearly open submission anthology, we organize numerous events in New York City and across the country. Find us every Sunday 4pm at the Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston St, for our reading series GWFM Spoken Word Sundays.

  • Handmade jewelry wire wrapped with love by the brilliant hands of a universe goddess. Hailstone Handcrafted creates and sells unique, holistic jewelry with healing crystals and gemstones that promote health, love, creativity, and well-being.

  • Hidden House Press was launched in 2009 by Brooklyn-based composer & multi-instrumentalist, Genevieve Fernworthy (LAUDS, Tidal Channel) as a way to self-publish + release music, writing, and interactive art.

    Specializing in limited edition series of chapbooks, broadsides, and other poetry-based art work, as well as interesting formats of music albums + single releases, HHP seeks to print, distribute, and promote works by sound artists, writers, and performers who wish to retain their artistic integrity while pursuing experimental processes and art production.

  • WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS, YOU GET A TRUCK! In 1935 Hubert Hansen did just that. Armed with a truck full of his homemade juices, he drove around studio lots sharing his delicious goodness with rising stars. Hubert’s Lemonade is an irresistible, tasty, refreshing mix of sweet and tart.

  • This isn’t just coffee. We think it’s the perfect coffee. A signature blend of 100% arabica coffee from 9 different beans that’s been crafted over 80 years by 3 generations of Italian masters.

  • Indolent Books is a small independent press founded in 2015 and operating in Brooklyn, N.Y. We are an imprint of Indolent Arts Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charity. We champion work that is innovative, provocative, and risky. We have a love of poets over 50 without a first book. We also have a love of diversity and inclusion based on race, class, sex, gender, religion, ability, and extent of love for Star Trek the Original Series (kidding not kidding).

  • Toothbrush to Go is the brainchild of Ingenious Ideas founder, Juan A. Gonzalez. Enjoy a convenient, quick way to freshen your breath and keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

  • UB Presents Poets Ron Whitehead and Jinn Bug in support of our annual poetry festival in Harlem NYC Saturday September 16th 12pm at Jackie Robinson Park. We will be teaching kids how to make their own complimentary books of Harlem Renaissance Poetry. The world Famous poets will be debuting their new book DISOBEY for Underground Books ( and have available a grand swath of their works, books, and cds available for signing and purchase. We look forward to having you meet them, learn how to make a book of poetry and having you attend here in NYC this years Jackie Robinson Poetry Day!

  • La Pluma y La Tinta started with three women workshopping stories in a Brooklyn, New York living room, and morphed into an organization focused on inspiring, elevating, and shining a spotlight on diverse writers and poets.

    Founder Raquel Ivelisse Penzo (My Ego Likes the Compliments…And Other Musings on Writing) is a writer, editor, and literary event curator from Brooklyn, NY.

  • Our organization focuses on literary education on young children in China, particularly introducing Western Classics into Chinese families. We have published few Children’s books and children lullaby&poetry books in China. We also produce poetry-related products like notebooks, and phone cases.

  • Handmade bookmarks, artwork, stationary, and jewelry featuring original, inked designs.

  • Mad Gleam Press is a small, bilingual, independent press based in New York City and Paris. It is comprised of Brian Sheffield, Craig Kite, and Claire Durand-Gasselin.
    Mad Gleam Press was created to show the constant dialogue that exists between the visual and literary arts.
    We want to highlight the conjoined strengths of text and image by publishing visual poetic pieces, visual poems, dialogues on arts and ideas between artists of the two media, and excerpts of artist books. We also want to celebrate and speak to the infrastructure of the physical communities that come together around small press publications. We hope to offer a space for visual and literary artists to compliment each other’s work and to make new connections across mediums, genres and cultures.

  • Launched in 1998, Mosaic is a print magazine that explores the literary arts by writers of African descent, and features interviews, essays, and book reviews.

  • My Now Ministries is a spoken word album about the life of Ingrid Phillip. She tells her life stories through song and poetry. Find her work at: &

  • The National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981) is the only labor union representing writers in every genre. With 13 chapters nationally, the NWU works to advance economic and working conditions of writers — lobbying for legislation, initiating lawsuits, educating writers on their rights, networking, organizing picket lines, publicizing viable alternatives to unfair practices by both the traditional and Internet publishers, and by mobilizing members to fight for their collective self-interest. NWU Member Benefits: Press passes; Tools to Earn More from your Writing; Contract and grievance help; Advice along the way;
    Traveling to promote your work; Advocacy; Find a Union Writer; Share your writing story; Help with health insurance; Union Plus benefits

  • The MFA Creative Writing program at The New School, a comprehensive university in NYC, welcomes writers from around the world to join our vibrant literary community. You will work with master teachers in workshops and literature seminars, take innovative courses in publishing and multimedia storytelling, make invaluable contacts throughout the NYC publishing industry, and become part of a community where more than 40 students and graduates publish books each year. Choose a concentration in Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, or Writing for Children and Young Adults.

    Become a force of new literature in the world today.

  • The New York Browning Society was founded in 1907 to study the poetry, life, and times of Robert Browning (1812-1889), and of his wife, Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1851). Our programs reflect the extraordinary diversity of their interests and restless intellects and also encompass most of Victorian literature and culture, for the Brownings knew practically everyone in that extraordinary era. The Society also founded The Browning Institute, which saved the poets’ Florentine home, Casa Guidi, from commercial development. We welcome visitors to our meetings at the National Arts Club, which are held at 1:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of October through May. Our May gathering is the Society’s annual meeting and lunch to commemorate the birth of Robert Browning on May 7, 1812.

    In addition to programs by distinguished speakers, we present the awards for our annual citywide high school poetry contest at our May Luncheon that invites over 120+ Public, Private, and Parochial school in the 5 boros to participate. The winners are our guests, and read their work for us. They also are invited to perform here at the New York City Poetry Festival.Our ongoing collaboration with nearby Xavier High School encourages interested students to attend and participate in our meetings.

  • New York Writers Workshop is an alliance of published authors and professional writers of fiction, non-fiction, journalism, poetry, plays and screenplays, who live and teach in New York City and a growing list of locales across the globe.

    We are dedicated to offering professional guidance, resources and workshops that teach craft, foster creativity, and help writers achieve their goals.

    • We nurture and encourage writers of all levels and all ages, from teens to seniors, from aspiring beginners to established writers seeking motivation or direction
    • We offer a wide range of courses at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels in multiple genres, including short fiction, the novel, children’s and young adult fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry, the screenplay, playwriting and speech writing.
    • We offer a unique opportunity for students to develop their craft, sharpen their communication skills, and  receive guidance from industry professionals on how to get their work published or performed.
    • We are dedicated to public service, and we engage in regular community outreach activities. Please contact us if you would like to arrange for a workshop or tutorial led by one of our expert faculty in your community.
  • Newtown Literary Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting writers and writing in Queens, NY. Our flagship project is the publication of a semiannual literary journal featuring new work by writers living in or originally from the largest borough in New York City. We also hold free writing classes for adults, teens, and kids around the borough, and a biennial writing contest for kids and teens. Throughout the year, all over Queens, we hold readings, workshops, and other literary events.

    Newtown, the organization’s namesake, was one of the original towns incorporated into the New York City borough of Queens in 1898. To read more about Newtown, Queens, visit the Newtown Historical Society.

  • Orange live brings together the best features from State to state to collide in an awesome entertaining show. Plus audience.members get a taste of the stage with an open mic

  • The Poetry Society of New York (PSNY) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization based in New York City that is dedicated to promoting poetry within our culture. More specifically, the society focuses on finding innovative ways of delivering poetry to the public and on strategic community building within the poetry world. Founded by Stephanie Berger and Nicholas Adamski, PSNY began programing events in late 2007 with the fiscal sponsorship of Fractured Atlas. PSNY’s activities heavily emphasize event production and interactive art installations with additional activities in the fields of publishing and digital media. PSNY’s geographical focus is on New York City and the surrounding areas, but its efforts also ripple nationally and internationally. Currently, its primary programs are The Poetry Brothel, The New York City Poetry Festival, and The Typewriter Project.

  • The Poetry Table is a 21st century poetry salon that meets once a week in the West Village to break bread, write poetry, and build lifelong bonds of fellowship. Our mission is not to critique members’ poetry, but to provide a warm and supportive environment in which they can create it. Each meeting lasts about two hours and follows a simple format: Poets will read something they have written or a poem they are inspired by, then we break for thirty minutes to write new poetry on the spot, finishing the night with a reading of our freshly created work.

  • Posit is an online quarterly of innovative poetry, prose, and visual art. We publish carefully curated, highly accomplished work that is challenging and aesthetically broadening, but not circumscribed by affiliation with any specific aesthetic or artistic movement. Posit is committed to publishing work by writers and artists of all nationalities, ages, races, gender identifications, sexual orientations, and career stages.

  • My art proposal consists in approaching my millennial generation to poetry trough postmodern calligrams with digital art and augmented reality, inspired in the concrete poetry created by the first war writers and with their vanguard proposal of transforming poetry to material dimensions . I am interested in stimulating curiosity and to give poems the mixed media and augmented reality that the poets of the xxth century dreamed of.

  • Prelude is an award-winning journal of poetry and criticism based in Brooklyn. In addition to our monthly web publications and yearly print issues, Prelude also publishes full-length poetry collections through our imprint, Prelude Books.

  • Poetry Upon Request by Pierce Logan.

  • Raptor is a small press, book design studio, and manuscript editing service based in Brooklyn. We seek to promote poets and writers of color with art books as beautiful as their interiors.

  • Red Fox Runs Press is an independent publishing house owned by the writer Joseph Adam Lee.

  • Featuring Blake Plimpton, Eda Tse, Natalie Mae Risser, Carlos Price-Sanchez, and Saragrace Stefan

    Saturnalia books’ mission is to publish literary works, primarily poetry, of high merit, by new and established writers; to encourage collaboration between poets and visual artists, particularly in book form; and to encourage the publication of literature of a non-commercial and challenging nature.

  • Squid Bath is:
    -Motivation to maintain ties
    -A little dark, but honest also
    -Celebrating storytelling

    Q: Who are the people in these pictures?
    A: All the photographs are repurposed original moments. That is to say, I do not know these people except for the new dialogue I and you create for them.

    Q: What if I want to customize a card?
    A: Email or instagram @squidbath! If you have a piece of fabric, design idea, words, or a photo it’s time we start to make something together.

    Q: Where do the words come from?
    A: I’ve gathered a collection of lines from books and poems (all authors cited on backs of cards) as well as a little help from my wise and cheeky friends and writing of my own.

    Q: When can I send one of these absurdities?
    A: Unlike the traditional Hallmark calendar, Squid bath encourages communication at random. Remember when your neighbor friends used to walk to your house, knock on your door, and ask you to come out and play? That’s what getting a card in the middle of April feels like.

    Q: Why send cards when I have a phone?
    A: We are a people oversaturated by instant text messages and email inboxes crowded by one thousand unsorted promos; the physical letter is a rare and special form of conversation I encourage you to embark upon.

  • SugarCane Publishing is one of the few minority-owned publishing houses in the country with a mission to represent contemporary books, authors and poets that reflect the multicultural, multiracial and the non-normative makeup of the world today.

  • Underground Books has been making street books since 1997. Trapped in the Subconscious somewhere downstairs, the printers ink still runs. We aim to aim it. Based in New York City, Houston, Kiev, Virginia, India and Gothenburg, we aim to please,poetry,please,poetry,please,poetry please we say, Publishing Artists on the Fringe, Check out all of our new original handmade in Harlem poetry manuscripts at and join the subterranean poetry scene of your mind 2017.

  • We are an independent press in Milwaukee specializing in midwestern poetry. Since 2014, we have released eleven titles and have much more planned for the future.

  • Vermont College of Fine Arts is a national center for graduate arts education fostering the excellence of established and emerging artists. We are among the first to develop the low-residency model for graduate study and programs have been called “the best of the best.” VCFA is home to master of fine arts writing programs—the low-residency MFA in Writing and MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults, as well as the residential MFA in Writing & Publishing. VCFA is where poets and writers have come to deepen their craft through intense literary mentorship and supportive community for more than 35 years. Our groundbreaking MFA programs are innovative, immersive, rigorous, and transforming.

  • Queer punk poetry from NYC. Publisher of books and zinez.

  • Words.By Gissel Grizzle is managed by author, poet, and creative, Gissel. She is a self-published author who has been featured on News 12 Connecticut. She advocates against domestic violence in her collection of poetry titled “Untold Verses.” Her work also promotes self-love and self-expression.

  • Write The Night is a free creative writing workshop that is spreading throughout NYC! WTN was founded at Brooklyn College, but we now have workshops in Bed-Stuy and Harlem as well! The goal of WTN is to bring writers together who are in need of a sense of community. We also teach techniques to break through writers block and to keep motivated. Everybody knows how isolating the work of a writer can be. With WTN, we can bring likeminded, creative people together to do what they love.